Glenridge Turf’s Crown Ridge is now PBR 5201 certified

Crown Ridge Logo exclusive to Glenridge Turf

Crown Ridge (PBR)® Soft Leaf Buffalo is our own cultivated and branded turf. We have developed our new grass Crown Ridge (PBR)® to cope with the Australian climate.

Location of Glenridge Turf Office

Glenridge Turf Farm specialises in Conquest Couch (PBR), Winter Green and Kikuyu grasses. Glenridge Turf Farm developed it’s own soft leaf buffalo variety called Crown Ridge® a Soft Leaf Buffalo variety.

Geoff Ridge has been a qualified green keeper for 40 years and maintains Golf Courses and Bowling Greens, and has had experience in growing different species of grass in different environments, climates and many areas of the Metro area of Sydney.

When his father decided to disperse the family Dairy Farm – Glenridge Holstein Friesian Stud- Geoff and his brother Max decided to plant the whole farm to establish a Turf farm on the rich alluvial flats of the Hawkesbury River at Freeman’s Reach.

In 1994 Natural Kikuyu was the first grass established, then followed many trials to achieve the top quality grasses now being grown on the farm.

Conquest Couch (PBR) and Winter Green Couch were selected as the best available Couch grasses to grow. Soft Leaf Buffalo was also trialed and we have developed our new grass Crown Ridge (PBR)® a Soft Leaf Buffalo which is exclusive to Glenridge Turf Farm.

The Logo used for the Crown Ridge (PBR)® Soft Leaf Buffalo has incorporated the old Ridge family homestead. This is a familiar landmark in the Hawkesbury Area, known as Rainbow Farm from Channel 7’s Country Practice. The house and property have been used extensively for the shooting of numerous TV adds, Video clips and Wedding shoots. The house features almost every year in photographic competitions all over the country.